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    Weekend scavenging scores.

    Last night we made an impromptu trip to the DWR Annex (we brought Dan from Manhattan Nest along for good luck, because he’s so charming…GET IT?!) (← Evan has just informed me…

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    Fruit crates & radiators.

    I decided to stain the fruit crates black. At first I thought I’d want to leave the wood bare or oil it, but after giving them a good cleaning and sanding, it…

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    People who made cool stuff out of other stuff.

    I almost died when I saw this. Why is Morgan at The Brick House such a genius?? She’s been blogging about fixing up her raggedy old fence, and instead of throwing away…

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    Fruit crates.

    You know how you always see cool projects all over the place that involve re-purposing old fruit crates? Or old shipping pallets? And then you start getting obsessed with looking for these…

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    Teeny-tiny Catskills cottage.

    I’m not sure how I missed this story when it first ran in the New York Times, but today I happened to stumble onto it while reading the comments on this post…

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    People who made cool stuff out of other stuff.

    So, I guess I’m pretty handy (at least when I have the energy to be handy, that is), but I’m super impressed and inspired by people who make super cool stuff out…