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APT: Washington Heights

  • washingtonheights1.jpg

    Washington Heights.

    Our little Manhattan apartment is way, way uptown—further up than even the Upper West Side and Harlem—in a neighborhood that, depending on who you talk to, might technically be part of Hudson…

  • coffee1.jpg

    Coffee station.

    I’m a big fan of the coffee station (even though I hate words like “station” in relation to areas of the home—e.g. “gift wrapping station”). Everything all in one place: coffee maker,…

  • fauxdenza.jpg


    Okay, first of all, I have to apologize to the French—and all other living humans—for unleashing the horrible, hybrid pseudo-word “fauxdenza” on the world. I actually Googled it before starting this post…

  • shelf1-600x450.jpg

    Little shelf in the kitchen.

    I just put this little shelf up in the kitchen in our city apartment, and it’s made such a huge difference in how I store things. So much cabinet space has been…

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    Happy Sunday.

    Thank you for all of the thoughtful comments on this post. I have a hard time writing personal posts sometimes (well, everything I write is personal—that’s hard to avoid—but you know what…

  • shelfprint-600x450.jpg

    The apartment bathroom.

    Can you believe we’ve had the little pied-à-terre in Manhattan for ten months already? It really doesn’t feel like that long. Given that the entire thing is only 400 square feet, it’s…