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  • Abstract coloring pages download -

    Free download! Abstract coloring pages.

    Just for fun, I made some abstract coloring pages to download for free! I know a lot of us are in need of a little creative outlet right now that’s not related…

  • Remember Backgammon -

    Backgammon gorgeousness!

    Whoa. How amazing is this backgammon set? So nice. After coming across this cute yatzy set the other day, I started thinking about what other games would be nice to see redesigned.…

  • For Like Ever -

    Happy 15th birthday, For Like Ever.

    Do you remember where you were when Jessie Randall’s living room was on the cover of Domino? The year was 2006. Door Sixteen was a newborn, and Domino magazine was IT. When…

  • Port and Polish pill organizer -

    BREAKING: A good-looking pill organizer does exist!

    I’ve been spending WAY too much time lately looking for a well-designed pill organizer. My search history contains embarrassing terms like, “DWR pill organizer,” “Danish pill organizer,” “cutest pill organizer,” and, out…

  • Popham Design -

    Cement tiles from Popham Design.

    I have a folder on my desktop called FUTURE BLOG. I endlessly drag URLs and photos into that folder, with the distant idea that someday I’ll get around to sharing this stuff…

  • Independent Holiday -

    This holiday season, stay independent!

    For the 10th year running, I have made a personal commitment to buy gifts for my friends and family from local and independent artists, designers and crafters this holiday season. As I…

  • Karin Cyrén at Fine Little Day -

    Karin Cyrén at Fine Little Day.

    I love every single piece artist Karin Cyrén has created for a new limited-edition series of posters at Fine Little Day! Such a great use of color, and her bug illustrations make…

  • Schoolhouse Electric Spring 2016 -

    Schoolhouse Electric, Spring 2016.

    Oh gosh, have you seen the new Schoolhouse Electric collection for spring 2016 yet? SO MUCH GOOD STUFF. I got the new catalog in the mail the other day—they shot the whole…

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