HOUSE: New Mexico #3

    The finished dining room + floating banquette details.

    floating banquette in open dining room

    Yay! It’s the finished dining room! I’m really, really pleased without how the floating banquette turned out. Pretty much every day I marvel at how it looks like it’s always been there. It’s exactly what this space needed to feel like an actual dining room rather than just a corner of the open living space. I’m really glad I opted to not do something fussier or more elaborate, too—putting a back on it or trying to incorporate storage underneath would’ve taken away from the kind of simplicity of purpose I wanted. Continue Reading

  • Installing brackets to support a floating corner banquette

    DIY floating banquette.

    As I alluded to in my previous post about our small dining room area, the clear solution to creating a defined, purposeful space that feels separate from the living room area (despite…

  • My small dining room, BEFORE

    Creating a defined dining area in an open space.

    I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned the square footage of my house before, but it’s about 875 square feet. Enormous by NYC apartment standards, but small compared to the average American house.…

  • Swedish Christmas decorations in Santa Fe, NM -

    Download: Swedish Christmas music!

    I decorated the fireplace mantel for Christmas last week, and I really love the combination of classic New Mexican architecture, modern design objects, and traditional Swedish decorations. It looks so festive and…

  • Santa Fe kitchen renovation AFTER

    The kitchen: Finished!

    A mere seven months after my last kitchen renovation update, at last! The final reveal! In real-life, I “finished” the kitchen last January, but of course you never actually finish a renovation…

  • How to keep your front-loading washer moisture-free -

    How to keep your front-loading washer moisture-free!

    If you have a front-loading washing machine, you know what it’s like to discover that you’ve closed the door too soon after finishing a cycle, having thought it was completely dry. You’ve…

  • Santa Fe pueblo-style house in the snow -

    Where were we?

    It’s been a long year. This is my fourth quarantine/pandemic-themed (inspired?) post, and if you could have told me back in March that I’d be writing this in December, I would have…

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