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  • Photograph of Åke Jelving's 'Christmas in Sweden' record album sitting on a traditional New Mexico fireplace surrounded by Swedish Christmas decorations

    Repost: Christmas in Sweden.

    (Perhaps this reposting will kick-start a resumption of blogging in 2024? We’ll see!) In the United States, it’s not uncommon to hear Christmas music wafting from shop speakers as early as the…

  • Swedish Christmas decorations in Santa Fe, NM -

    Download: Swedish Christmas music!

    I decorated the fireplace mantel for Christmas last week, and I really love the combination of classic New Mexican architecture, modern design objects, and traditional Swedish decorations. It looks so festive and…

  • The French Dispatch -

    The French Dispatch.

    Every couple of years, there’s a tingly hum in the air that can only be caused by one thing. I thought I felt it yesterday morning over coffee, and sure enough, as…

  • Lizzo's Tiny Desk concert -

    Lizzo: Tiny Desk Concert at NPR

    I’ll keep this post short and sweet because it’s really just to do my small part to make sure that as many possible see Lizzo’s Tiny Desk Concert at NPR. Amid a…

  • The Cure, Distintegration -

    Happy 30th birthday, Disintegration.

    I was 13 years old in May 1989. I was finishing the 8th grade, which at that time was part of the high school in Rhinebeck. That’s a weird age to be,…

  • Prince -


    Photograph © Robert Whitman, 1977 Sometimes it snows in April… About five years ago, I wrote a post upon seeing Prince perform in concert for the first time after waiting for many,…

  • Christmas in Sweden -

    Repost: Christmas in Sweden.

    This is a reposting of a guest blog post I did for Dos Family five years ago. I regularly receive emails asking for the link to download the Swedish Christmas record, so…

  • Mint-green bathrooms.

    Photo via 1st Dibs How happy does this sink make you? Those knobs! That chrome! The minty goodness of it all! This beauty was designed by George Saiker for the American Radiator…

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