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APT: Washington Heights

  • 4984651741_b37fe8a451.jpg

    To-do. Or else.

    The past couple of weeks (months, actually) have been so ridiculously busy at work. I’ve been having to continue working at home in the evenings after work as well, often until well…

  • 4820361850_26242d3c9b.jpg

    The blanket.

    A couple of people asked about the blanket in my last post, so I thought I’d show a little more of the bed. This is the same blanket, only flipped over. It’s…

  • 4423269169_a4f2a32249.jpg


    Millet Cinnamon Bread from Sami’s Bakery, coffee with soy milk, place mat from Chilewich. Evan is sitting across the table, looking dapper. I have shiny black nails and a giant, green ring.…

  • IKEA GREA draft snake -

    Draft python.

    Do you ever forget that you know how to make stuff? Like, with your hands? My first impulse when I need something that’s sewn is to look on Etsy, so I suggested…

  • 4325631970_e20f3fb2bd.jpg

    Damaged goods = love.

    I’m a sucker for a bargain, and the DWR Annex in Secaucus (almost) never fails to disappoint. This Saarinen side table looks totally fine, right? From this angle, too! I can’t see…

  • 4311035461_4344deaed8.jpg

    Closet office.

    Our little apartment has three closets, all quite generously-sized. Since we don’t have lots of clothes or need excessive amounts of storage space, we decided to turn the largest of them into…