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APT: Washington Heights

  • 4304060652_051634c8fb.jpg

    Rainy morning.

    As you can see, I am upholding the grand NYC rental apartment tradition of painting over wires and cables. The bed is the now-discontinued green wool GRIMEN from IKEA. Also from IKEA…

  • 4295557794_5d5aa7f9ac.jpg

    Sconce makeover.

    You know those brass-and-glass sconces that always wind up in apartments? The ones with a cluster of grapes etched into the frosted, fluted shade? Like these. Gross, right? Well, there are four…

  • 4292595493_0d250a8d6c.jpg

    Old chairs, new bases.

    Yes, we’re still working on the apartment! Everything takes three times as long as you feel like it should, of course, but we’re getting there. The little dining area in the kitchen…

  • 4276038301_18556f77a8.jpg

    Hook Box (+ Girard).

    We bought Luca Nichetto’s Hook Box several years ago, without any idea of where we would install it (we did consider it for the downstairs bathroom in our house, but it didn’t…

  • 4253471393_b8cb12d53f.jpg

    Apartment kitchen progress!

    Wait…it’s 2010?! Wow. I completely missed entering the future while we were busy cleaning and caulking and making trips to IKEA and painting. And painting. And painting. And painting. Last night was…

  • 4230597786_a1dd9855a6_o.jpg

    Apartment kitchen planning.

    WHEW. I am totally exhausted. Evan and I have been going back and forth between our house and the new little apartment all week, and it’s wearing me out fast. I think…

  • 4223899181_0298e1d7ed.jpg

    Apartment, before.

    It’s not very cute right now, but it will be. I feel a little bit like Evan and I are getting ready to go away to college. There are piles of pillows…

  • 4180807888_d44c082557.jpg

    D16, pied-à-terre style.

    I’ve been storing up a big secret for a few weeks now, and it’s finally time to let the cat out of the bag: Evan and I have decided to rent a…

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