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Thanksgiving menu.

I’m preparing Thanksgiving dinner for the first time this year! It’s only for 8 people (my mother and stepfather, Evan’s parents and his sister/her husband), but I’ve been planning as though it’s a banquet for 100. I’m on vegetarian hiatus (I like to think of it as my rumspringa) after 15+ years of meat-free Thanksgivings, so turkey is still kind of foreign to me. I hope I don’t give anyone salmonella poisoning. (And yeah, I’m clear on the fact that “medium rare” is not an option for turkey!)

Most of my menu is based on recipes from Everyday Food, with tweaks and adjustments as I see fit. I’m a decent cook, but a lot of this (turkey, mashed potatoes, etc.) is new territory for me. I’m excited!

hard cider/beer
wine (red & white)
lemonade spritzers
hot apple cider

spiced nuts
various crackers & cheeses (with hard salami & fig spread)
parmesan cheese straws

Main Courses
bacon-wrapped turkey roulade
mushroom turnovers

Side Dishes
wild mushroom stuffing
pecan cornbread stuffing
glazed sweet potatoes
roasted garlic mashed potatoes
spring greens with shallots & gorgonzola
cranberry sauce

Bernie’s coconut cream pie
Debby’s cheesecake
double-apple cake (see photo above, YUM)

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