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It’s not all clean & perfect.

Okay, this photo is for everyone who has commented (sometimes in disbelief) on how devoid my house is of excess “stuff”! Yes, this is reality—this is the front room of the second floor of my house, as of 5 minutes ago. Do you feel better now?

This room has been our bedroom, an office, and now a furniture depository. Eventually (hopefully sooner rather than later), it will become our bedroom again.

For now, though, what do we see here? The dresser I bought in September 2007 but still haven’t refinished, the Danish sofa I bought two months later but still haven’t reupholstered, and a million other potential “projects” that haven’t materialized. Sigh. (Not that I have a place to put ANY of these things, mind you, so I’m most likely going to have to “rehome” them all.) Let’s not even talk about the number of unused chairs spread around the house and into the basement. Double sigh. Oh, and the sofa that Fritz ate. That’s in there, too. Triple sigh.

One of the few bright spots in this room is the David Trubridge Coral Pendant*, which we’ll eventually hang in here. I fell in love with this light after seeing it in Camilla’s house, but because it is hugely expensive in the U.S., I never really considered it as an option.

Very happily, though, New Zealand-based D16 reader Jo offered to buy it for me in its native NZ and ship it to me directly at a discount. I’m so grateful! This light will be the star of the bedroom—I can’t wait to see its shadows cast across the ceiling. Thank you again, Jo!!

*This lamp ships flat-packed and requires assembly (yes, even if you pay the full $500 for it), which I assumed would be a simple matter. The instruction sheet claimed “40–60 minutes” start to finish. It took me over FOUR HOURS, and I almost developed a brain aneurysm in the process. Still, though, a great excuse to sit in front of the TV all night pretending to get something done.

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