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  • vegan chili

    It’s chili weather!

    OK, so this is totally cheap, RECYCLED content, but I can’t help myself. Whenever the temperatures drop and autumn shivers start to creep down my arms, I crave one food more than…

  • vegan chili

    You’re making chili this weekend, right?

    Every two years, right when the weather starts to tip into I-wish-I’d-worn-my-heavier-coat-today temperatures, I like to repost my chili recipe. It’s old news for those of you who have been reading my…

  • vegan chili

    Repost! Vegetarian chili.

    It’s been two years since I first posted my recipe for vegetarian chili (that’s it on the right, above), and I think it’s time for a repost now that the weather is…

  • vegan chili

    The Best Vegan Chili Ever!

    This really is the best vegetarian and vegan chili (or any kind of chili, really) recipe, honestly. I make a big pot of it just about every other week and freeze it…

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