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  • Go Ask Anna.

    The result of last week’s haircut. I had about 3″ taken off the overall length, and I’ve gone back to a deep side part…and black dye! What? Somehow I’ve managed to let…

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    Hi there.

    It’s been a year and a half since my last Go Ask Anna free-for all, and I’ve been getting so many questions about stuff via email lately that I figured it’s probably…

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    Answers, Part Two: How it Works.

    Yeah, Part One was insanely long. I’m kind of surprised that anyone actually read it! Sorry, I’m not a good condenser. Part Two is going to be a little easier to read,…

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    Answers, Part One: How I Got Into It.

    “Imaginary Friends”, 1997. I was very into Reid Miles/Blue Note at the time. So, wow. That’s a lot of questions! I was kind of expecting the usual five or six that I…

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    Go Ask Anna: The Book Cover Design Edition!

    I love hearing about what people do for a living; about the ways their jobs function and how they started doing what they do in the first place. I always feel a…

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    Go ask Anna.

    Okay, it’s free-or-all time! Got a question for me? Ask away. p.s. Check the FAQ page first!…

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    Go Ask Anna.

    Me in 1980, smiling for my kindergarten photo. Hello! I’m still alive! I unintentionally took a week off from posting, apparently. Sorry about that—I’m still working away on the bathroom, but none…

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