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  • dogmilk1.jpg

    “The Scoop” with Bruno and Fritz!

    When Jaime from Design Milk asked if I’d like to do an interview about Bruno and Fritz for her design-y dog blog Dog Milk, I couldn’t say YES fast enough! Evan and…

  • washingtonheights1.jpg


    Today as been quiet. We’re settled down with our supplies at the apartment and waiting for hurricane Irene—she’s just rain and wind right now, and hopefully that’s how she’ll stay. We slept…

  • pillows_finelittleday.jpg

    Pillows, dogs, love and desire.

    How cute are these pillows?! The moment Elisabeth Dunker (whose work graces many rooms in my house!) sent out an email announcing their addition to the Fine Little Day shop, I added…

  • tealcatproject.jpg

    The Teal Cat Project.

    For the past couple of months, I’ve had the pleasure of working with superhero vegan cookbook author (remember this review?) and Post Punk Kitchen founder Isa Chandra Moskowitz on the illustration and…

  • Just happy.

    Okay, enough about cameras and design and money and houses and STUFF. Sometimes you just need to watch a Mariachi band serenading a Beluga whale. (And yes, I am putting this in…

  • sofadesk.jpg

    The view(s) from my sofa.

    I’m working on an awesome freelance project—which you’ll get to see very soon!—at home for the next few days, and that means I’m camped out on the sofa with an iced coffee…

  • petstagram.jpg


    We all know the internet was invented for the primary purpose of sharing cute animal photos more easily, and I’ve really been doing my part to contribute over the past month and…

  • animals.jpg

    Jen Ray will make you happy.

    I’ve blogged about Atlanta-based artist Jen Ray before (her “Siempre” print was on my wish list back in 2009, and more recently her “Toro” print made an appearance on the It List…

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