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  • The radiators are OUT! YAY!

    For the past six months or so, we’ve been trying to get a plumber to our house to disconnect the kitchen radiators and do some related pipe work in the basement that…

  • Birch log bundles, just for show.

    Okay, so maybe putting decorative logs in a non-wood-burning fireplace doesn’t make sense. Yes, I know it’s silly. But I don’t care. Look how cute! Birch logs! Bundled! With rope handles! Stacked!…

  • 4187965309_f67d35ced2_o.jpg

    My downstairs bathroom.

    When we finished renovating our downstairs bathroom back in April, I did a “reveal” over at Decor8 detailing all of the real-life costs associated with this kind of project. Unfortunately, there was…

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