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  • My fall fantasy wardrobe.

    My personal style is very “Jedi Knight meets Patti Smith,” and that’s tough to nail down when it comes to readily-accessible, moderately affordable clothing. It’s also a style that pretty much just…

  • Designing myself.

    I thought about titling this post “ME ME ME ME ME ME (and a little more ME),” because let’s face it—this is a whole bunch of ME. I don’t post a lot…

  • marimekkokomeetta2.jpg

    Marimekko Fall 2009

    I’m in love with the new Komeetta Collection for Marimekko’s Fall 2009 line. The clothes are designed by Mika Piirainen, and use textiles designed by Marimekko mainstays Maija & Kristina Isola.…

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