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    So…I’m totally addicted to those Sally Hansen Nail Effects strips I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. After wearing the fishnet-y “Misbehaving” style for about 12 days, the new growth at…

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    Fun nails! And a hurricane.

    Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first: My nails look adorable. After eying those Sally Hansen Nail Effects strips at Duane Reade at least once a week for the…

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    This is good, too.

    I was supposed to take this entire week off from work, but things didn’t really pan out that way…so I’m just off for one day instead. I’m spending today with Fritz and…

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    Color obsession: Hot-orange-red!

    If you follow me on Twitter and you, like me, are generally home alone on Friday nights pretending to have a social life, then you may have read my pleas for advice…

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