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  • IKEA office makeover -

    Getting organized in my office with IKEA!

    I don’t know what it is with me and workspaces—I know how important it is to have my office be tidy and organized and bright in order to feel like I actually…

  • Office makeover -

    Project four! The office.

    Now, I know what you’re thinking: Whoa, did I miss the before photos of Anna’s office? Or maybe you’re not thinking that. Either way, I’ve decided to just go ahead and put…

  • Stendig Calendar -

    Don’t forget the Stendig!

    For the last few years, I’ve forgone buying Massimo Vignelli’s awesomely massive (48 x 36″) Stendig calendar, simply because I just didn’t have the wall space for one in my last couple…

  • citykitchen_1.jpg

    Apartment kitchen walls.

    As part of my ongoing effort to make the city apartment feel more home-like, I decided to hang a couple of framed printed in the kitchen. I’ve been holding on to these…

  • 4292595493_0d250a8d6c.jpg

    Old chairs, new bases.

    Yes, we’re still working on the apartment! Everything takes three times as long as you feel like it should, of course, but we’re getting there. The little dining area in the kitchen…

  • 4253471393_b8cb12d53f.jpg

    Apartment kitchen progress!

    Wait…it’s 2010?! Wow. I completely missed entering the future while we were busy cleaning and caulking and making trips to IKEA and painting. And painting. And painting. And painting. Last night was…

  • 2978684438_0bfbe4ba84.jpg

    Happy Christmas.

    Christmas 1975. I’m the little one. In a mere 12 hours I will be with everyone in this photo, sharing glögg and my mother’s meatballs and my brother’s gingerbread cake. My sisters…

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