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I love Fine Little Day.


The nicest side benefit of working on my blog redesign was spending time in my archives. Even though my photographs from the early days of Door Sixteen sometimes make me cringe (not that my photography skills are so great now, but I’ve certainly gotten better), I really love seeing how my tastes and interests have evolved over the years. I owe my house a huge debt of gratitude for teaching me a lot about scale and contrast, but when it comes to my overall aesthetic sensibilities, I still gravitate toward the same kinds of things. I find that very comforting.


Anyway, it made me smile every time I saw Elisabeth Dunker’s name come up in my old posts. I started reading her blog, Fine Little Day, in 2007 (the same year I re-started Door Sixteen), and continued to follow Elisabeth’s work as she opened an Etsy shop, started Studio Violet with fellow Swedish artist Camilla Engman, and as she turned Fine Little Day into a full-fledged shop of its own. Along the way, I’ve acquired posters and textiles to the point that nearly every room in both my house and apartments had something Elisabeth created in it.

What a pleasure it is to follow Fine Little Day as it has grown over the years! The FLD blog is still regularly updated (and still lovely), too, and Elisabeth maintains a wonderful Instagram. Looking through the shop now is such a treat. There’s so much great stuff to chose from, and I love that the line has expanded to include additional designers.

Some favorites:


Top to bottom, left to right:
Gran Bed Set (Elisabeth Dunker), Gran Napkins (Elisabeth Dunker), Logs Cushion Cover (Elisabeth Dunker), Twist-a-Twill Blanket (Tina Ratzer), Bracelet Bow #1 (Eduards Accessories), Eye Eye Poster (Marta Fromme)


Top to bottom, left to right:
Koivu Birch Vase (Maarit Mattanen), Gran Cushion, Pink (Elisabeth Dunker), Pirum Parum Poster (Elisabeth Dunker), Gran Furnishing Fabric (Elisabeth Dunker), The Forest Poster (Cecilia Pettersson), Renilde Mobile (Renilde de Peuter)

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