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  • Kitchen steel casement window -

    Painting the kitchen’s steel casement window.

    Before I even begin this post, let me offer a disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A GUIDE TO RESTORING STEEL CASEMENT WINDOWS. It is merely a documentation of my repainting of the inside…

  • Painting a tiled kitchen floor -

    Painting and stenciling the kitchen floor.

    April 2018–February 2019 Yes, that is an absolutely wild range of dates, but hey, full disclosure is what I’m all about. But no, I did not work on painting the kitchen floor…

  • painting kitchen cabinets -

    Kitchen cabinets: Prep + painting.

    January–March 2018 Yes, I know it’s April 2020! But everything in this post actually happened a little more than two years ago. I think that might be the best way to approach…

  • Office makeover -

    Project four! The office.

    Now, I know what you’re thinking: Whoa, did I miss the before photos of Anna’s office? Or maybe you’re not thinking that. Either way, I’ve decided to just go ahead and put…

  • Bedroom makeover -

    The bedroom: Painted!

    I finished painting my bedroom last night, and it is SO. MUCH. BETTER. Yes? YES. (If you want to toggle back and forth between the Tantown “before” photos and the current state,…

  • Mudroom makeover -

    The mudroom: It begins!

    It’s been more than TWO MONTHS since I posted my plans for giving the mudroom in my new rental house a makeover, and I am only just now (well, last week) getting…

  • Fear of doing it wrong = not doing it at all.

    I didn’t really feel like blogging last week, in part because it was a week of several very sad events around the world, but also because I’ve been filled with an enormous…

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