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  • Wintry weekend.

    It doesn’t snow much in the lower half of New York state anymore, so every time we do get an actual snowstorm here with a decent amount of accumulation it’s a cause…

  • gardensnow_600.jpg

    Weekend to-do.

    Look how much snow there is in the garden! I love how pristine it is. Not even a single squirrel has ventured to cross. I know I should probably bring the Hardoy…

  • uptownsnow1_600.jpg

    I still love you, snow!

    As I predicted, I awoke this morning to a wintry scene of edges rounded with white, trees laced with soft puffs of snow, and, this being NYC, the less-romantic sight of salty,…

  • moominlandmidwinter_600.jpg

    Moominland Midwinter.

    Once a year, just as it truly begins to feel like winter never really had a beginning and can’t possibly have an end, I read Moominland Midwinter. My brother Gordy, ten years…

  • snow_600.jpg

    Did I mention it snowed?

    I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about the huge snowstorm we had in the Northeast over the weekend, but boy oh boy…it’s really gorgeous out there. This is the view from our…

  • fireescapesnow.jpg

    I never get tired of snow.

    Manhattan is so beautiful in the snow, especially up here in the Heights where nature still runs (a tiny bit) wild. I love having views of trees and primordial rocks. I’m sure…

  • 3131130440_0e887bd293.jpg

    Snow-induced motivation.

    As you’ve probably heard many times over by now, we got a whole bunch of snow in the Northeast over the weekend. The Hudson Valley wasn’t hit as hard as areas north,…

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