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APT: Washington Heights

  • The last day in the old apartment.

    So…that’s it, then. This weekend we moved the last of the furniture, odds and ends, and forgotten cabinet contents out of the Washington Heights apartment that we’ve kept for the past two…

  • citykitchen_1.jpg

    Apartment kitchen walls.

    As part of my ongoing effort to make the city apartment feel more home-like, I decided to hang a couple of framed printed in the kitchen. I’ve been holding on to these…

  • coffee.jpg

    My weekend looked like this.

    Things are still very much all work, all the time around here, but I managed to sneak in a few snaps of Instagram brightness here and there. Speaking of Instagram, you may…

  • apartment3.jpg

    Some new stuff in the apartment.

    Lately I’ve been trying to make the city apartment feel a little more like a home than just a place to crash. When we first rented it last year, my goal was…

  • washingtonheights1.jpg


    Today as been quiet. We’re settled down with our supplies at the apartment and waiting for hurricane Irene—she’s just rain and wind right now, and hopefully that’s how she’ll stay. We slept…

  • saloneffects1.jpg

    Fun nails! And a hurricane.

    Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first: My nails look adorable. After eying those Sally Hansen Nail Effects strips at Duane Reade at least once a week for the…

  • ohnoes.jpg

    Something’s not right here.

    So, we haven’t been at the city apartment for a while, but we headed down late last night—dogs in tow, of course—and were greeted with this sight upon our arrival: Yes, that’s…

  • zakka1.jpg

    Raindrops from Zakka Nouveau.

    Hooray! My “needle in a haystack” raindrop tea towel from Zakka Nouveau just arrived in the mail, and it’s even prettier than I’d imagined. They’ve been out of stock for quite a…

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