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  • LG HI-MACS kitchen countertop installation

    It’s time for the kitchen to get some countertops!

    Once Manuel finished the new cabinets and I built the storage cubbies, it was finally time to get the new kitchen countertops underway! Since it’s really not possible to do accurately when…

  • DIY wood storage cubbies to fill gaps between cabinets and range

    Building cabinet cubbies for extra storage.

    November 2019 When I shared the photos of the new lower cabinet, a few of you smarties wondered what I might do to fill in the remaining gap on either side of…

  • New kitchen cabinet corner -

    Let’s add some cabinets!

    October–November 2019 Along with demolishing the old countertops (and, obviously, fabricating and installing the new ones), the other part of the kitchen renovation project we decided to hire out was the construction…

  • Kitchen steel casement window -

    Painting the kitchen’s steel casement window.

    Before I even begin this post, let me offer a disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A GUIDE TO RESTORING STEEL CASEMENT WINDOWS. It is merely a documentation of my repainting of the inside…

  • Countertop demolition -

    Kitchen countertop demolition.

    After Wednesday’s documentation of my 11-month kitchen floor painting/stenciling saga, I definitely need to devote a couple of posts to the kitchen renovation work that I did not do myself. First up,…

  • Painting a tiled kitchen floor -

    Painting and stenciling the kitchen floor.

    April 2018–February 2019 Yes, that is an absolutely wild range of dates, but hey, full disclosure is what I’m all about. But no, I did not work on painting the kitchen floor…

  • painting kitchen cabinets -

    Kitchen cabinets: Prep + painting.

    January–March 2018 Yes, I know it’s April 2020! But everything in this post actually happened a little more than two years ago. I think that might be the best way to approach…

  • Santa Fe kitchen design board -

    Kitchen planning!

    Hello! It’s time to talk kitchen planning! First, though…YOU. Yes, you. You are awesome. I am awestruck. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much to those who have offered…

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